School Staff

Mr Nick Turley Head Teacher
Miss Charlotte Harrison Deputy Head Teacher

In the Classroom

Mrs Rachel Hayes Class teacher for Reception
Mrs Fiona Hadwin Class teacher for Year 1 & 2
Mrs Jude Parsons Class teacher for Year 1 & 2
Miss Katie Brown Class teacher for Year 3 & 4
Mr Nick Turley Class teacher for Year 5
Mrs Cara Foley Class teacher for Year 5
Miss Charlotte Harrison SENCO; Class teacher for Year 5 & 6
Mrs Kirstie Halliwell Senior Teaching Assistant in Reception
Mrs Susan Hastwell Teaching Assistant in Reception
Miss Stephanie Wise Teaching Assistant in Year 1 & 2
Miss Stacey Shepherd Senior Teaching Assistant in Reception, Year 1, 2, 3 & 4
Mrs Deborah Dodgson Teaching Assistant in Reception and Year 3 & 4
Miss Jessica Helm Teaching Assistant in Year 3 & 4
Mrs Yolande Nelson French teacher and Senior Teaching Assistant in Year 3 & 4
Mrs Caroline Hopkins Senior Teaching Assistant in Year 3, 4, 5 & 6
Miss Tallia Rodrigues Teaching Assistant in Year 5 & 6
Ivy School Dog 

In the Office

Mrs Angela Cowan School Secretary

At Lunchtimes / Before and After School

Mrs Caroline Hopkins After School Club Leader
Mrs Helen Hamill Midday Supervisor
Mrs Georgina Goff Midday Supervisor

Part-time Experts

Mrs Claire Mansfield Art & Graphic Design Teacher
Sophie Barrow from Motion Dance Dance Teacher
Matthew Kaye from MK Sports Coaching and Development – PE Teacher
Lou Curry Yoga Teacher
Mrs Kate Thomas Music Teacher in Year Reception, Year 1 & 2
Mrs Yvonne Hulme Music Teacher in Year 3 & 4
Mrs Jemma Knaggs Music Teacher in Year 5 & 6
Ric French Peripatetic Music Teacher (guitar/drums)
Danny Hinchcliffe Peripatetic Music Teacher (keyboard/accordion)
Dave Higson Peripatetic Music Teacher (brass)
Marco Giudici Peripatetic Music Teacher (clarinet)

School Premises

Dave Nelson Caretaker
Ingrid Dahl-Petterson Cleaner
Jade Wilkinson Cleaner


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